About Tabitoya

Tabitoya, a traveler’s house. It is located in a quiet residential area close to the center of Sukumo city where is located at the west end of Shikoku Kochi .

四国高知の最西端に位置する宿毛。Tabitoya -旅人家- は町の中心部にほど近い閑静な住宅街にひっそりと佇んでいます。

It entertains various travelers, Tibito, from around Shikoku. This is a dormitory style guest house.

ここは、四国を巡るさまざまな旅人 -たびと- をもてなすドミトリー形式のゲストハウス。

It is a clean, purely Japanese-style house. Found in all pilgrims' journeys, whether you are backpackers, cyclists. We will provide you with a pleasant respite during your travels.


The owner himself in an experienced traveler. His pilgrimages and journeys are what led him to open Tabitoya.


You can enjoy your time here as a single traveler. Enjoying your travels while pondering the life and world around you. And you can also spend your time meeting and talking with other travelers .... Please consider such a trip, right here at Tabitoya.


We gladly offer travel, dining and sightseeing information and tips for the surrounding area. Long-term stays are welcome. Come here to relax and and recharge.  And enjoy yourself!


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Hagiwara, Sukumo city, Kochi, Japan


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